The first installment in our new event series, May 19, 2018. Inkke, DJ Delish, Copout, Wild Kid, and Montepiedra, at HECK.


Scream Shirt

A limited run of shirts to coincide with the release of 'Scream Tape,' by Wild Kid. Two-color screen print, embroidered spider on sleeve. On garment-dyed heavyweight cotton. Includes download of 'Scream Tape' on release day, March 9, 2018.

Wild Kid - Scream Tape

Announcing our next release: 'Scream Tape,' out March 9. Scream Tape is a stream-of-consciousness tour through the artist's psyche. Clash Magazine has the premiere of the lead single, 'Blocked Range (Savannah).'
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Wild Kid - Lapse (Miracles Remix)

Miracles steps up on a biting remix of Lapse, off Wild Kid's 'Cathedral' EP (48K001). Click the image; it's available everywhere now.


Off Peak 001 - QRTR

Announcing: Off Peak, our new collaborative playlist and interview series with Insert

For our first entry, we've got QRTR—producer, songwriter, DJ, and WAVCAVE co-boss.

Click the image to read our chat with her and subscribe to the playlist.

Wild Kid - Edits 17

To close out our 2017, Wild Kid dropped some edits he put together over the year. Click the image for free DL.

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